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The MathDiss Database is a subject gateway to Mathematical dissertations.

The MathDiss Database now is only in the early stage of production. The dissertations available provide us with a test bed for the development of this service, but comprise by no means a comprehensive collection.
This database is part of the MathDiss International project, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Council).

The main goal is to index and catalogue Mathematical dissertations available in electronic format in a searchable database.
We are trying to provide the dissertation in a PDF version for visual rendering, and also in the original TEX format for optimal print-out.
Each dissertation is described with a set of metadata based on the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

To find the entry you are looking for you can:

  • Browse the Subject Catalog
    Dissertaton are grouped according to the Mathematical Subject Classification, although some data provided by other sources may not give this classification.
  • Use the Index Scan
    The most important imformation on the entries is provided in several sorted catalogues.
  • Use the Search Engine
    A simple and an advanced search form allow the directed search for items with specific contents or features.

New dissertations are continuously added to the database, and new graduates will be able to add the information concerning his or her dissertation in a web form. With that we will be able to offer an up-to-date survice of electronic dissertation available in Mathematics.

The MathDiss Database was developed at the Göttingen State- and University Library (SUB), Germany, on the basis of the SSG-FI system underlying their subject gateways.
The SUB is a participating library under the system of literature supply supported by the DFG. The MathDiss Database is conceived as a special service of the SUB for the special subject collection Pure Mathematics.

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